Digital Badges

Digital Badges

Author: Amber Johnston
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Digital Badge Prezi

This prezi provides you with an overview of digital badges, their purpose and how they can be implemented with a classroom. The questions presented at the end will be discussed in class on September 19th. 




ClassBadges is an easy and free website where teachers can create and award badges to their students. Badges can be aligned with state standards or preexisting school awards (example: student of the month). Watch this video for tips and tricks on how to implement badges into a classroom!

Education Week Article on Digital Badges

"Digital badges are a way of forcing educators to recognize that learning is

no longer confined to a classroom and is taking place anytime, anywhere..."



The Possibilities of Digital Badges

  1. Accommodate all learners and differentiate the classroom
  2. Create a less uptight, rigid classroom environment
  3. Scaffold student learning (badges to display level of student mastery) 
  4. Celebrate student progress 
  5. Display student differences in a creative way
  6. Communicate student strengths and weakness to parents, future teachers and administration in a non-judgmental way

What others benefits can you think of to employing a digital badge system within the classroom? Any drawbacks? Come with ideas to share in class on September 19th.