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Digital Bloom's

Digital Bloom's

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson introduces learners to the taxonomy of knowledge and skills as they relate to Web 2.0 tools.

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Source: Image of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Katie Hou; Image of Web Tools in Bloom’s, Katie Hou

Notes on "Digital Bloom's"

Notes on “Digital Bloom’s”


(00:00-00:22) Introduction

(00:23-01:42) Bloom’s Taxonomy Review

(01:43-03:12) Web 2.0 Tools in Digital Bloom’s

(03:13-04:19) Reflection

(04:2-04:55) Conclusion


Additional Resources

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy

This wiki page provides ideas for digital tools to use with each level of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. The site provides links to technology tools organized by the levels of Bloom's. This is a helpful planning resource as you begin to integrate technology into your classroom.

Bloom's Taxonomy and the Digital World

This article provides an overview on the origins, purpose, and use of Bloom's Taxonomy in the 21st century classroom. Scroll down for an explanation of each level of Bloom's and how it applies to a technology-rich environment.

The Best Resources for Using Digital Bloom's in the Classroom

This blog post by teacher Larry Ferlazzo includes Digital Bloom's resources and how and why to use them. Ferlazzo provides a useful Bloom's Chart for planning. Scroll down to the Pirates of the Caribbean video for a quirky look at Digital Bloom's.