Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Author: Melissa Kreider

1) Students will learn that they have a digital footprint and that information from it can be searched copied and passed on; seen by a large, invisible audience.

2) Students will recognize that people’s online information can be helpful or harmful to their reputation.

3) Students will consider their own digital footprints and what they want those footprints to be like in the future.

Students will learn that they leave Digital Footprints every time they go online. This Digital Footprint is tied to their reputation and can either be helpful or harmful. We will discuss that these Digital Footprints do not go away. We will compared the information shared on the classroom walls with information being shared online. We will also discuss the ways to build a positive Digital Footprint.

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What is a Digital Footprint?

How many of you have...

  1. Sent a message or posted a comment online?
  2. Created a profile on a social network site?
  3. Used a photo-sharing app?
  4. Googled your own name?

 These are called your Digital Footprint. Your Digital Footprint is like footprints you leave in sand - it follows you everywhere! 

Digital Footprint: What Digital Footprint are you Leaving Online?

Students learn to think carefully before posting and sharing in this video from Common Sense Media about the Digital Footprint we leave behind online.

Source: Common Sense Media

What will your Digital Footprint be?

On a piece of paper, or on your ipad using a creation app, draw your footprint and write the things you want to be sure future employers or colleges will see in your Digital Footprint.

Example Digital Footprint