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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship


This tutorial will lay the groundwork for students as they begin learning about how they can link in-person and digital citizenship skills. In this lesson, students will also make connections between historical figures and citizenship.

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What to do:

1. Watch Ms. Bouknight's instruction video FIRST before doing anything else!

2. Complete notes of everything mentioned in the video (in Flipped Notebook)

3. Watch "Super Digital Citizen" Video

4. Design your own Super Digital Citizen comic (3-5 frames on

5. Complete the quiz on this tutorial

Digital Citizenship

Ms. Bouknight's instruction video. Watch this before watching any other part of the tutorial!

Main Chunks of Digital Citizenship

1. Etiquette 

2. Responsibility

3. Positive Usage

4. Accessibility

"Super Digital Citizen" Video

Watch this video, and create your own Super Digital Citizen on