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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Author: Nathan Konyndyk
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Why is this important?

This learning experience deals with topic of digital citizenship for teenagers.  This topic is important because:

  • In our digital society, the concept of what to share in public is hard for kids to understand.
  • It is an excellent opportunity for teachers to be learners alongside students.  (emerging topic)
  • Good digital citizenship equips students with many skills that are essential in the 21st century workplace that includes etiquette and empowerment to deal with digital based situations
  • Connecting, collaborating and communicating responsibly is the best way to stay safe online

What will we learn?

Participants will be able to distinguish good digital citizenship from bad.  

Participants will connect good general citizenship to their digital lives

Participants will role-play appropriate digital citizenship behavior

How will we learn this?

Part One: Participants will review one Digital Citizenship article

Part Two: Watch the video:

Part Three:Participants will complete a pre and post assessment (Quiz) and an opinion survey


Read the following article

Essential/ Discussion Questions

  1. Is it ever too young to teach Digital Citizenship?
  2. What are some specific examples of Digital Citizenship?
  3. What are REPS?
  4. Is there a difference in digital or just citizenship?  How are they same/ different?

Watch the video

Watch the video:

Answer the following Questions:

  1. What does the song tell you to do before you post?
  2. What's the golden rule of social media?
  3. Name one of the photos that the “bragger” posts.
  4. What does the “TMI guy” say in his post?
  5. What is the example given of posting boring details about your life?
  6. How might you make your single friends feel upset online?
  7. What is the “cryptic cliffhanger” example in the song?
  8. According to tip #8 what should you curate your photos like?
  9. What should you check on every social media site you use?
  10. What’s the Brooklyn way?

Available as a Quiz                                     SOC #:13664167