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Digital Citizenship-  Helping our students build their digital footprint.

Digital Citizenship- Helping our students build their digital footprint.

Author: Leigh Martin

The objective of this tutorial is to give teachers the tools that they need to teach Digital Citizenship in the classroom.   

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Digital Citizenship Checklist-

Here is a checklist that you can print to help you manage your deliverables. This is for your information only and does not need to be turned in.

Just Click the Arrow to download.


Intro- Digital Citizenship? It's all about Common Sense!

We  have some valuable,  fun things designed for the Digital Citizenship portion of our personalized learning training.  Please begin by working through the modules that are presented below this introduction.,

Here are your required Deliverables...

1- Join Common Sense Media (required for your badge)

2- View the video in the first module and take the survey. Print the certificate and turn it into Leigh. (required for your badge)

3-Give two Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Lessons to your class in August and September (Don't worry,  we'll schedule these in collaboration with Media and STEM staff.  So,  you won't be on your own.  (required for your badge)

4- With your class,  attend a Digital Citizenship Driver's License Presentation in the Media Center in October.  This will be scheduled like an Information Literacy Lesson.  We'll invite parents to attend as well. (required for your badge)


Join Common Sense Media- Required

First,  sign up for an account at Common Sense Media

Click "sign up"

Click "yes" for "Are you an educator" so you will have access to the Curriculum Materials

Complete the information requested-  You'll find Medlock Bridge if you type in "Alpharetta" instead of "Johns Creek"

Complete your Educator Profile

Now that you have an account you can move onto the next module.

Common Sense Media Curriculum Training-Required Module!

Ready to get started? First, login! This training will introduce you to the K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum, scope and sequence, and walk you through sample lesson plans. You'll also learn about research and background on your students' digital lives. This training is required and takes one hour to complete. To take the training:

1. Watch the video below for your grade level.

2. At the end of the video, you'll receive a link to a survey.

3. Take the survey.

4. At the end of the survey, you'll receive a link to a certificate you can use to document professional development hours. In order to access the certificate, you will need to have registered and and be logged into Common Sense Education's site. When you register, be sure to click the "I'm an Educator" box. Registration is free. You can register here.

This certificate must be turned into Leigh so she can record your participation.

Source: common sense media

Why do I need to teach Digital Citizenship? What could go wrong?

These videos are intended for teacher education and may not be appropriate to show to your students.  As always,  please preview any videos before sharing with students.  

Click Julie's Picture to find out what went wrong for her


Everybody Knows Sarah.  Click her picture to find out why.  Make sure your students don't make the same mistake!

Meet the Cyberbullying Virus!  Click the photo to see how it spreads!

This is a fantastic example of cyberbullying to show elementary students grades 3-5

At a Distance- Standing up to Cyberbullying