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Digital Communication

Digital Communication


In this lesson, you will learn about the 9 elements of digital citizenship. Specifically, the Digital Communication
element of digital citizenship, why Digital Communication matters, and what Digital Communication looks like.

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Digital Citizenship

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Notes on "Digital Communication"

(00:00-00:37) Intro

(00:38-01:03) Objectives

(01:04-03:27) Digital Citizenship Overview

(03:28-03:56) What is Digital Communication?

(03:57-05:26) Why is Digital Communication Important to Know?

(05:27-06:51) What Should You Teach Your Students about Digital Communication?

(06:52-07:17) Review

(07:18-08:09) Reflection

Additional Resources

Academic Discussions

Michael Gorman Blog Post: Ten Pointers Promoting Academics In Online Discussions. Gorman's digital citizenship series provides excellent tips for authentic online discussions the demonstrate digital literacy and communication skills. This is a great resource for teachers who want to learn how to engage their students in appropriate online discussions. Importantly, Gorman stresses the use of Bloom's taxonomy in developing discussion starters.

Global Group Discussion

The Global Classroom Project Blog: The Making of Digital Citizens - resources and examples that were shared as part of a group discussion to help teachers with digital citizenship in their classrooms. In particular, scroll down to the links with tips for teachers to help their students care about being digital citizens. These suggestions offer practical solutions and examples for the classroom. The Global Classroom Projects connects educators worldwide with opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and share resources and ideas. You may be interested in exploring beyond the link below to learn about opportunities to participate in the project.