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Digital Health

Digital Health


In this lesson, you will learn about the 9 elements of digital citizenship. Specifically, the Digital Health
element of digital citizenship, why Digital Health matters, and what Digital Health looks like.

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Digital Citizenship

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Notes on "Digital Health"

(00:00-00:33) Intro

(00:34-00:57) Objectives

(00:58-03:20) Digital Citizenship Overview

(03:21-04:37) What is Digital Health?

(04:38-06:05) Why is Digital Health Important to Know?

(06:06-07:43) Studies on Digital Health?

(07:44-09:10) What Should You Teach Your Students about Digital Health?

(09:11-09:37) Review

(09:38-10:25) Reflection

Additional Resources

Digital Health for Teens

Digiteen Wiki from Flat Classroom Project - this site is created by students who were involved in a virtual collaboration project, the Flat Classroom Project. The wiki outlines what teens need to know about digital health and wellness in teen friendly language. Using this site with your students will help you build an entry level understanding of digital health and wellness. You may consider having students explore Flat World Project opportunities as an additional application of this resource.

Teaching Parents Digital Citizenship

Article from THE Journal - Teaching Parents Digital Citizenship - article examines how the Katy Independent School District in Texas instructed parents about digital citizenship and how to foster those skills in their children. This article offers useful insights for educators interested in providing parents instruction on digital citizenship while showcasing the work of the students through a technology showcase.