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Digital Law

Digital Law


In this lesson, you will learn about the 9 elements of digital citizenship. Specifically, the Digital Law
element of digital citizenship, why Digital Law matters, and what Digital Law looks like.

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Digital Citizenship

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Notes on "Digital Law"

(00:00-00:50) Intro

(00:51-01:13) Objectives

(01:14-03:32) Digital Citizenship Overview

(03:33-04:29) What is Digital Law?

(04:30-05:58) Why is Digital Law Important to Know?

(05:59-08:39) What Should You Teach Your Students about Digital Law?

(08:40-09:01) Review

(09:02-09:48) Reflection

Additional Resources

Understanding Digital Law

Digiteen Wiki from Flat Classroom Project -this site is created by students who were involved in a virtual collaboration project, the Flat Classroom Project. The wiki outlines what teens need to know about digital law in teen friendly language. Using this site with your students will help you build an entry level understanding of digital law. You may consider having students explore Flat World Project opportunities as an additional application of this resource.

Teaching Copyright

This is a creative commons website offering teachers a complete curriculum to teach digital copyright. Teachers are provides with five lessons and the associated resources necessary to teach their students about digital law and copyright. Important to this curriculum is the necessary dialog between teachers and students as teachers facilitate the lessons.