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Digital Storytelling: Pictures, words, and much more!

Digital Storytelling: Pictures, words, and much more!


Upon completion of the course, participants will have a better understanding of what digital storytelling is, how to create a digital story, and have tools and resources to create their own.

Storytelling has been in existence for as long as we know. It started with simple pictures, evolved into oral traditions and eventually those stories were written and illustrated. We are now in a generation that is taking it a step further and putting stories out on the web in various formats and mediums. This course was designed to introduce users to some of these tools and means of using them in their classrooms. 

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Digital Storytelling: Pictures, words, and much more! Presentation

This is the presentation that will be used to explain the evolution of digital storytelling as well as introduce participants to tools to creating digital stories.


Digital Storytelling Resources