Digitized Textbooks

Digitized Textbooks

Author: Kylie McIntyre
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Should we get rid of traditional books?

Digital textbooks, or eBooks, are simply an electronic version of a printed book that is alive and interactive. In 2012, a plan was created and promoted to encourage schools to transition to digital textbooks within the next few years. According to research, some schools have gotten rid of hard textbooks and gone completely digital; this plan will save schools around two hundred and fifty dollars per student per year. Of course there are both pros and cons to this plan, and all aspects must be put into consideration before a school chooses to eliminate hard textbooks. Digital textbook benefits include: easier to carry, cheaper than hard copies, word/phrase searches, can be read anywhere, and they are more interactive. Digital learning is the way of the future and schools need to slowly modify lessons to embrace the change.

Pros and Cons

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Benefits of Digital Textbooks Article

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