Dihybrid Crosses

Dihybrid Crosses


Students will complete a dihybrid genetic cross.

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Dihybrid and Multi-trait Crosses

Source: Created by Chris McCarter using Camtasia

Put into your notes:

1.  Complete the dihybrid square from the video.

2.  What is the phenotypic ratio that results?

3.  Try this one for practice:  two pea plant parents that are heterozygous for purple flower color and for tallness.  Do the Punnett square and the phenotypic ratios.

4.  How would the results differ if you crossed these parents:  PPTt  x  pptt?  Try it.

5.  Challenge:  try the trihybrid square.  How many different alleles would there be and how many squares do need in the Punnett square?