Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis


Students will be able to use dimensional analysis in order to convert from one unit into another.

Students will be able to set up one or more conversion factors in order to obtain the correct units in the final answer.

This chemistry lesson explains how to convert from one unit to another by setting up conversion factors. Knowledge of the mathematical relationship between different units is an essential part of this process. One-step conversions will be taught first, followed by muti-step conversions. One way to check to see if the correct strategy has been used is to make sure that the final answer has the proper units.

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In this video, the concept of dimensional analysis is defined, and several example problems are worked out with explanations. Three of the example problems involve one conversion factor. A fourth problem involves a combination of two conversion factors. At the end of the video, the student is given the opportunity to solve three unit conversion problems independently. The answers to these three problems can be found in the pdf file that is included in this tutorial.

Source: Michael Farabaugh

Answers to TRY IT OUT! problems

On the last slide in the Dimensional Analysis tutorial video, students were given three problems to try on their own. This document presents the answers to those three problems.

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