Direct and Inverse Variation

Direct and Inverse Variation

Author: Rachel Kaplan

By the end of this learning packet, you will understand how to:
-Identify if an equation represents a direct variation or an inverse variation
-Given two values and the knowledge that they vary directly (or inversely), write an equation

Direct and inverse variations are really just fancy ways of describing common forms of equations. By the end of this packet, you will know how to recognize these forms and write your own.

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Inverse & Direct Variation Problems

Check out this great website for more example problems to try on your own. They provide step-by-step answers if you need a hint or two:

Direct & Inverse Variation Problems

All About Variation

Direct and inverse variation are really just fancy ways of describing certain types of equations that we often see in real world problems. Check out the slideshow to find out what they look like and how to use them to solve problems.