Direct Variations

Direct Variations

Author: Amanda K.

To teach people to use direct variations, the model, and some examples.

This packet includes multiple examples of direct variation problems and ways to solve them. It also includes answers so you can know if you are solving the problem correctly.

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Direct Variation Problems

 Direct Variation Problems


To be used after viewing the PowerPoint




Identify direct variations:

Remember that you can rearrange the problem by adding the x or y value so that the problems are in the y=mx+b  form.



  1. y=x
  2. 2x+y=3
  3. 8x+2y=0
  4. 2x-3y=0
  5. -x+y=4
  6. y=5x-1
  7. x-3y=0
  8. 2.4x+6=1.2y









Here are some helpful websites to use














  1. Direct  variation ; 1
  2. Not a direct variation
  3. Direct variation; -4
  4. Direct variation; 2/3
  5. Not a direct variation 
  6. Not a direct variation
  7. Direct variation; 3
  8. Not a direct variation

Source: McDougal Littell Algebra 1