Disappearing Moon

Disappearing Moon

Author: Ashley Perez

First grade students will study the pattern of the moon phases. First, they will learn about the moon phases. Then, they will draw  their own moon phases on Show Me and sort them into groups based on their characteristics. Students will use oreo cookies to create their own phases of the moon diagram. Then, they will record themselves stating the name of each phase.

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Day 1

Today we are going to start learning about the Moon! Complete all of the tasks for today and STOP at DAY 2! Have fun :)

Moon KWL

Know       Want to Know Learned    

BrainPOP Jr. Moon

Watch the video and take the HARD quiz (you've got this)!

Kids A - Z

Log onto the app Kids A - Z and read the book The Disappearing Moon under the assignments. Don't forget to RECORD your voice and take thee QUIZ!

Day 2

Think about what you learned yesterday. Talk with your partner about why the moon seems to disappear more and more each night. 

Complete the tasks for today and STOP and DAY 3. Happy learning!

Phases of the Moon

Here are the phases of the moon. 

1) Open the app Show Me and recreate each phase. 

2) Sort each phase into groups by its attributes. 

Day 3

1) Watch the Video

2) Create your own moon phase diagram using Oreo cookies.

3) Record yourself naming each phase in order as you point to it on your diagram.