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Discrimination: Background to the Holocaust

Discrimination: Background to the Holocaust

Author: Melissa Kaufman

Today, we will:

Examine how discrimination based on bias can escalate into acts of violence.

Discuss the impact of prejudice on individuals and society.

Recognize the role of individuals in interrupting the escalation of hate.

Build background knowledge of World War 2 and The Holocaust.

This is a lesson designed to introduce you to the topic of discrimination, as well as provide some background knowledge to the Holocaust. Be prepared to discuss both topics in class.


Some of this lesson comes from the The Anti-Defamation League and Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. Their lesson is called The Pyramid of Hate.

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Discrimination PPT

Please view this powerpoint and take notes. We will be discussing this in class.

Source: Made by Ms. Kaufman using Microsoft PowerPoint.

A Brief Introduction to the Holocaust & World War II

This is a BRIEF introduction to the Holocaust and World War 2. Come prepared to class with at least ONE comment and ONE question.