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Discussion # 1: Weekly Reading of Scholarly Articles.Provide a summary of the article and video referencing the material in APA format and theimprovement to your leadership skills:http://www.gallup.com/businessjournal/113542/What-Followers-Want-From-Leaders.aspxhttps://www.youtube.com/user/BlessingWhite?v=gZ3wxgog4ncDiscussion # 2: The Challenges of Corporate Communication.* Carefully read the text below and answer the questions:Educational administrators are bombarded by requests for innovation at all educational levels.Programs to upgrade math, science, and social science education, state accountability plans, newapproaches to administration, and other ideas are initiated by teachers, administrators, interestgroups, reformers, and state regulators. In a school district, the superintendent is the key leader;in an individual school, the principal is the key leader.In the Carville City School District, Superintendent Porter has responsibility for 11 schools—eight elementary, two junior high, and one high school. After attending a management summercourse, Porter sent the following e-mail to the principal of each school:“Please request that teachers in your school develop a set of performance objectives for eachclass they teach. A consultant will be providing instructions for writing the performanceobjectives during the August 10 in-service day. The deadline for submitting the performanceobjectives to my office is September 21.”Mr. Weigand, principal of Earsworth Elementary School, forwarded Porter’s e-mail to histeachers with the following message:“Please see the forwarded e-mail from Superintendent Porter. As he explains, you will need towrite performance objectives for each course you teach. These are due one month from today.This afternoon, during the in-service meeting, you will receive training on how to write theseperformance objectives.”After receiving this e-mail, several teachers at the elementary school responded with a flurry ofhastily written e-mail responses. One well-respected and talented teacher wrote the following email, accidentally sending it to Mr. Weigand instead of her colleagues:“This is nonsense! I should be spending my time focused on the lesson plan for the newadvanced English class the board of education approved. Porter is clueless and has no idea the

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