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Disorders of the Ear/Trastornos del Oído

Disorders of the Ear/Trastornos del Oído


This lesson will examine the cause and effect of various disorders of the ear.

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Esta lección es un resumen general de diversos trastornos del oído, sus características y las causas.

Terms to Know

A disorder of the ear that results in the inability to properly hear.

Motion Sickness

A disorder in which hair cells in the ear’s organs of equilibrium and balance are over-stimulated causing feelings of dizziness and nausea.

Otitis Media

A disorder of the ear often caused by the spreading of a cold that produces inflammation of the inner ear.


A disorder of the ear characterized by buzzing or ringing in the ear often caused by an ear infection.


A disorder in which an infection or injury to the ear disrupts proper functioning of the vestibular apparatus.