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Disorders of the Eye

Disorders of the Eye

Author: Nathan Lampson

This lesson will examine the cause and effect of various disorders of the eye.

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Terms to Know

An eye disorder resulting in blurred vision due to the misshapen lens or cornea of the eye.


A disorder of the eye in which the clouding of the lens affects how light enters the eye.

Color Blindness

An eye disorder in which a person is lacking cone cells that allow them to detect certain colors. Most often this occurs with the colors red and green.


An eye disorder caused by bacteria or allergies which causes the membrane of the eye to become inflamed.


The deterioration of vision due to the buildup of aqueous humor in the eye.


An eye disorder in which a person has difficulty seeing near objects because the eyeball is taller than it is wide causing images to focus behind the retina.


An eye disorder in which a person has difficulty seeing distant objects because the eyeball is wider than it is tall causing images to focus in front of the retina.

Retinal Detachment

An eye disorder resulting in a tear in the retina and vision problems.


Cancer of the retina.