Displaying Categorical Data

Displaying Categorical Data

Author: Al Greene

- Review the importance of area principle when creating a graphical display
- Teach how to create a bar chart (both with frequency and relative frequency)
- Teach how to create a pie chart
- Teach how to create a segmented bar chart
- Emphasize the importance of correctly labeling graphical displays

This packet talks about several ways to represent categorical data graphically. The videos talk about making bar graphs, pie charts, and segmented bar graphs. There are also examples at the end for you to make your own graphs for.

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What's in this packet

This packet has two videos showing you how to make bar graphs and pie charts. Some terms that may be new to you are:


  • Area Principle
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Segmented Bar Chart

Source: Greene

Displaying Categorical Data

This powerpoint shows some basic bulletpoints of creating bar graphs and pie charts.

Source: Greene

Bar Charts

This video shows you how to make a bar chart from a frequency table.

Source: Greene

Pie Chart

This video shows how to make a pie chart from the frequency table, using both frequency and relative frequency.

Source: Greene