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Dissertation Research Areas

Dissertation Research Areas

Author: Katherine Townsend

During Track 2 Colloquium, you began to explore ideas around topic areas for your dissertation.  To aid you in the process of refining your ideas prior to starting the dissertation process, you may create a learning packet of your ideas and present it to your peers in Sophia.  We have invited advanced dissertation learners to provide additional feedback and input on your topic, as well as share best practices on the overall dissertation process.

Please use the questions and attached PowerPoint presentation to create your learning packet.

  • Identify specialization and professional areas of interest.
  • How does this area of interest relate to your specialization?
  • What is currently known in the literature on this area of field, and where is the gap in literature?

When you have completed your packet, you can publish it to the Capella Peer Network within Sophia with a title that includes your research area.

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Dissertation Research Area Template

Use this template to create your learning packet.