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District Strategic Plans and Professional Development

District Strategic Plans and Professional Development

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, students will explore how a district strategic plan, site-based and individual professional development should be analyzed for application with Knowles Six Assumptions of Adult Learning.

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Adult Learning Theory

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Notes on "District Strategic Plans and Professional Development"

(00:00 - 01:13) Introduction

(01:14 - 03:01) District Strategic Plans

(03:02 - 03:34) Site-Based Management

(03:35 - 04:28) Individual Professional Development Plans

(04:29 - 06:46) Connections to Adult Learning

(06:47 - 07:09) Review

(07:10 - 07:48) Stop and Reflect

Additional Resources

District Leadership: Strategic Planning 

The Broad Prize for Urban Education has evaluated strategic plans from districts across the country and has identified districts with exemplary aspects in their plans. The site includes links to the district strategic plans from these districts.

Deeper Learning Planning Guide 

This helpful guide will assist you in building a strategic plan that adheres to the tenets of Deeper Learning.