Diversity of Life - Test Review (Optional) - DUE Fri. Feb. 19th

Diversity of Life - Test Review (Optional) - DUE Fri. Feb. 19th

Author: Rebecca Newburn

Flashcards and some other resources to help you prepare for the test.

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This is my first year teaching this unit. I will continue to add things. So check back to see if other things have been added. If you make a study guide, feel free to share it and I can share that with others. There is no quiz for this tutorial and it is an optional - but very helpful - tutorial.

Before You Start

Look over your notes from BOTH Diversity of Life Tables of Contents (TOCs). This includes the information about characteristics of life, cells, and complexity of life.

Things you will want to review: 

1.  Characteristics of Life 

2.  Plant and Animal Cells - only need to know the following organelles: cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm and chloroplast and their functions

3. Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes

4.  Domains of Life

5.  Plant and Animal cells - be able to compare and contrast (using the organelles mentioned in #2 above)

6. Complexity of life: understand that organisms can be unicellular or multicellular and understand the increasing levels of complexity from atoms to the organism level

Concept to Know

Here are the vocabulary words you need to know for:

1)  Characteristics of Life TOC - (I'll publish this soon)

2)  Cells

NOTE: There are a lot more vocabulary words in your notebook, but these are the main ones. You do NOT need to know all of the organelles and their structures and functions. You are responsible for the ones on the flashcards.