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Dividing Polynomials: The Search for an Answer

Dividing Polynomials: The Search for an Answer

Author: Rachel Kaplan

How to divide polynomials when the denominator is either a monomial or binomial.

Long division of polynomials is an often feared topic, but through this learning packet we will make obtaining this useful skill nothing short of fun!

Created by Rachel Kaplan, Nate Muckley, and Dan Nelson.

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Dividing by a Monomial

In Search of an Answer: Method of Long Division

A wonderfully entertaining and informative video on the long division of polynomials. Art direction by Nate Muckley.

Long Division of Polynomials Step-by-Step

Step #1: Divide the highest degree term in the larger expression by the highest degree term in the divisor

Step #2: Multiply the entire divisor by the result of the initial division

Step #3: Subtract all the terms by the result of step 2

Step #4: Bring down the rest of the terms