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4 Tutorials that teach Divorce, Blended Families, and Cohabitation
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Divorce, Blended Families, and Cohabitation

Divorce, Blended Families, and Cohabitation

Author: Sadie Pendaz

This lesson will examine the causes of divorce. The dynamics of blended families and cohabitation will be explored.

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Terms to Know
Blended Families

Families composed of children and some combination of biological and step-parents.

Causes of Divorce

Though not exhaustive, social scientists identify six general reasons particular people divorce: 1) Individualism; 2) Romantic Love Fades; 3) Women are Less Dependent on Men; 4) Stress; 5) Divorce is More Culturally Accepted; 6) Divorces are Easier to Obtain Legally.


When two adults occupy the same dwelling as part of a romantic relationship (i.e. living together).