DNA Replication

DNA Replication

Author: Aaron Mullally

This lesson will investigate the how and why the process of DNA replication occurs.

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DNA Replication Overview

Source: Cell Cycle image, Creative Commons: http://bit.ly/TBNC2c; DNA Replication Split image, Creative Commons: http://bit.ly/SR8QKT; Replication Fork image, Creative Commons: http://bit.ly/PQc43Y

  • DNA Replication

    The process of replicating DNA before a cell divides.

  • DNA Polymerases

    An enzyme that assists in the process of DNA replication.

  • Semiconservative Replication

    Half of a DNA molecule produced by DNA replication is "old" coming from the original strand of DNA and half is "new" and produced using the "old" strand as a template.

  • Gene Mutation

    A change in the sequence of nucleotides in a gene.

  • Base-Pair substitution

    A type of gene mutation in which the wrong nucleotide is paired with a base during the process of DNA replication. The effects can range from none at all to life threatening.