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Do Zombies Exist?

Do Zombies Exist?

Author: Rebecca Newburn

Use your understanding of the characteristics of life and zombies to determine if these organisms are zombies?

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Think About It

Do zombies exist?

What evidence can you use to support your claim?

Do Zombies Exist?

Have your "Science Seminar: Do Zombies Exist?" paper out as you watch. A good argument consists of three parts:

1.  a claim - zombies exist or zombies don't exist

2. evidence - these are the facts provided in the video and are typed out for you on the Science Seminar sheet

3. reasons - this is the part you need to fill in. Explain why you think the different organisms are or are not zombies based on your understanding of zombies and the characteristics of living things.

NOTE: There is NO quiz for this tutorial. You will bring the Science Seminar: Do Zombies Exist to class next block period with your reasons added to the paper. That will show that you have done this activity and that you are prepared for the seminar. The seminar is part of your Diversity of Life test. The second part of the test is Friday, Feb. 19th.

Source: Special thanks to Mr. Redding for the PPT.