Author: Christine Farr


 Doctors measure the weights (in pounds) of preterm babies. What type of data is collected? (Points : 1) Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio 2. A sample of 80 juvenile salmon is grouped into the resulting frequency distribution based on their weights. Weight (in grams) Frequency 100-149 15 150-199 10 200-249 30 250-299 25 The distribution of the histogram for the weights of the juvenile salmon appears: (Points : 1) Normal Skewed left Uniform Skewed right 3. There is a scratch game lottery in your town. Each scratch card has 10 concealed areas, behind 2 of which are stars. You pick any 2 of the scratchable areas; and, if the stars appear in your two areas, you’re a winner. What is the probability that you will be a winner? Give your answer to three decimals, e.g., .987 . (Points : 1) ________________________ 4. Use the following probability distribution for this next question. Biologists researching a certain type of hawk, Accipiter spp., found the following probability values for x, the number of offspring. x P(x) 0 .05 1 .19 2 .32 3 .21 4 .12 5 .08 6 .03 Find the Expected Value of the probability distribution for offspring of Accipiter spp. Give your answer to one decimal, e.g., 1.2 . (Points : 1) ____________________ 5. Use the binomial distribution for this question. A doctor knows from experience that 10% of the patients to whom she gives a certain medication will experience undesirable side effects. Assume the doctor gives medication to the next 12 patients. Referring to the binomial distribution for the medication, find the probability that exactly five of these patients will experience undesirable side effects. Give your answer to three decimals, e.g., .987 . (Points : 1) _________________ 6. Use the Standard Normal distribution to answer this question. Identify the probability corresponding to a z-score of greater than -1.33. (Points : 1) .0918 .9082 .8165 .6239 7. Use the Poisson distribution for this question. For a science laboratory experiment, the average number of radioactive particles passing through a counter in a millisecond is four. Find the probability that at most three particles pass through the counter in a given millisecond. Give your answer to three decimals, e.g., .987 . (Points : 1) _________________ 8. Use the normal distribution for this question. The mean maximum aerobic power (VO2MAX score for women ages 20 to 29 is 36 ml/min/kg with a standard deviation of 7 ml/min/kg. Determine the maximum VO2MAX score for women ages 20 to 29 who score in the bottom 20% of all women in this age bracket. Give your answer to two decimals, e.g., 12.34 (Points : 1) ______________________________ 9. Find the minimum sample size required to estimate a population mean m from an underlying normal distribution. Margin of error: 5; confidence level: 95%; σ = 20. Round your answer up to the nearest integer. (Points : 1) _____________________ 10. Assume that a simple random sample has been taken, the population standard deviation is not known, and the population is normally distributed. Medical researchers studying cochlear implants, devices placed behind the bone in the ear to improve hearing, found the following number of implants over the last twelve years in children under 3 years old. Use a 90% confidence level and the following sample data: 40 90 99 120 150 220 300 320 460 520 600 650 Find the margin of error E that corresponds to the above statistics and confidence level. Give your answer with one decimal, e.g., 1223.4 . (Points : 1) ________________________________

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