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Domain 2 Session

Domain 2 Session

Author: Kishanna Brown

Teacher leaders will:

  • examine the elements of component 2a;
  • assess the elements of component 2a; and, 
  • identify and distinguish levels 4 and 3 attributes for 2a.
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Presenters of Domain 2A

Angela Addison-Void

LaShelle Ferguson

Harold McCray

Kishanna Poteat Brown

Source: Presenters

Warm Up Cloud

  1. Choose a marker from the toolkit on your table.  
  2. Brainstorm and come up with at least two words that come to mind when you think of creating an environment of respect and rapport in a classroom.
  3. Chart it on the butcher paper posted in the room.  

Example of How to Perform A Close Read

Source: Youtube


Source: Charlotte Danielson

Video Observation and Alignment of Evidence for Domain 2, Component A


  1. View the following videos.  As you are watching the videos, record only what you see and hear that aligns to Domain 2a. 
  2.  As you record your evidence, record them onto the stickies at your tables.


Source: Teacher Channel

Group Activity: Levels of Practice

  1. Share out your findings within your groups.
  2. Organize the pieces of evidence you wrote on the stickies into categories of  Level 3 (Proficient) or Level 4 (Distinguished) on the large Post-It Paper at your tables. 
  3. Self-Assessment:  Choose three markers of different colors.  With one color, check off all the pieces of evidence that correctly align with Level 3.  Use the second color to identify Level 4 evidence.  Use the third color to identify those pieces of evidence that fit neither levels.

Source: Charlotte Danielson

Closure: Poll

Source: Poll Everywhere

Exit Ticket: Poll

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