Dominant Seventh Chord

Dominant Seventh Chord


Students will be able to spell and resolve a Dominant 7th Chord.

1.4 Analyze and describe the use of musical elements and expressive devices (e.g., articulation, dynamic markings) in aural examples in a varied repertoire of music representing diverse genres, styles, and cultures.

1.5 Identify and explain a variety of compositional devices and techniques used to provide unity, variety, tension, and release in aural examples.

2.6 Compose music, using musical elements for expressive effect.

Students will be able to use the references to learn to use the proper scale degrees, function and how to spell and resolve a Dominant 7th Chord. 

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Big Question, how is a Dominant 7 Chord spelled, and how does it most commonly resolve?

Big Question: How is a Dominant 7 Chord spelled, and and where ( parts of the I chord ) do it's components (Root, Third, Fifth, Seventh) most commonly resolve?

How to Spell a Dominant 7th Chord

The following link provides and interactive guide to identifying and spelling of a Dominant 7th Chord at the most basic level.

Note that the guide provides information about several types of seventh chords.
Today we are only  looking at the Dominant Seventh Chord, all other materials are supplementary to this lesson, and may be covered in the future.

Rules and Spelling of a Dominant 7th Chord

This PDF contains the spelling of and rules for the resolution of a Dominant 7th Chord.


// means parallel, ex. // 8 means parallel octave

when In slide 5, "VOICE LEDING V7 - I" the numbers are in reference the degree of the chords listed in the slide title.

V7 - I
7 - 3
3 - I
Root - root

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Resolution Video

This video contains a model of how to resolve a Dominant 7th Chord, in the Key of C Major. The seventh chord spelling and resolution begins at 2:01.