Double Object Pronouns

Double Object Pronouns

Author: Nicola Pearson
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  • Please use the first powerpoint to recap on Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns, as we covered these earlier in the year.
  • Complete the grammar notes if you need to on Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns.
  • Watch Senor Jordan's explanation of how we use these together.
  • Complete and send the google form.
  • Use the link available to see your results and review your answers

Source: N. Knott

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns recap

Our lesson from earlier this year on direct and indirect objects. Complete the grammar notes if this is fuzzy - you need to be clear on these points before moving on to double object pronouns.

Source: Created by N. Knott

Double Object Pronouns

The amazing Senor Jordan on Double Object Pronouns.

Source: Created by Senor Jordan, Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF64EhFwImc. Reproduced with thanks and in accordance with CC Licenses.


This gets progressively harder, so review your responses when you get the results. Feel free to send more than one version through!

Source: Created by N. Knott