Dream House Design

Dream House Design

Author: Sue Williamson

Students will use coordinates to prove simple geometric theorems algebraically.



Students will use coordinates to compute perimeter and areas of triangles and rectangles using the distance formula.



Students will design a dream home blue print, calculating the area and perimeter of various figures, determining costs of building materials and choosing the floor and wall coverings for their homes while staying within a predertimed budget.

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Dream Home design packet

Information is included to complete this project.

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Source: Sue Williamson via Karen Reisdorf at St. Johns School Carroll City ,MD and Kristen Balster N. Hartford Middle School, Hartford, MD

Dream Home Design Directions

Directions for completion of project

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Source: Sue Williamson

Dream Home Design Rubric

Rubric that outlines grading procedure for project. This will count as summative grade for the two listed learning targets.

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Source: Sue Williamson