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Drug Allergies, Routes, and Preparations

Drug Allergies, Routes, and Preparations

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Communicate about patient allergies and methods of drug consumption and preparation in Spanish.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn how to ask about drug allergies and current medications, as well as say the different drug routes and preparations in Spanish so that you can communicate them to patients. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Las Alergias a Medicinas (Drug Allergies) and Current Medications
  2. Preparación de los Medicamentos (Drug Routes and Preparations)

1. Las Alergias a Medicinas (Drug Allergies) and Current Medications

In the next two lessons, you will learn the Spanish names for over-the-counter and prescription medications. First, it's important to know how to discuss some of the general topics related to medicine.

To find out if a patient has a drug allergy or is currently taking any medications, you can use the questions below.

English Spanish Pronunciation
Are you allergic to anything? ¿Es alérgico a algo en particular? ace ah-lair-he-koh ah ahl-go ane par-tee-coo-lar
Yes. I’m allergic to… Sí. Soy alérgico a… This is a patient response.
No. No. This is a patient response.
Are you taking any medication? ¿Está tomando algún medicamento? ace-tah toe-mahn-doe all-goon may-dee-kah-main-toe
What medications have you taken in the last 24 hours? ¿Qué medicamentos ha tomado en las últimas veinticuatro horas? k’wall may-dee-kah-main-tohs ah toe-mahn-doe ain lahs ool-tee-mahs bain-tee-k’wah-troh oh-rahs
Yes. I’m taking… Sí. Estoy tomando… This is a patient response.
Yes. I’ve taken… ¿Sí. He tomado… This is a patient response.

2. Preparación de los Medicamentos (Drug Routes and Preparations)

You also need to learn the drug preparations/routes. These will be useful in telling patients how they need to take their medication.

English Spanish Pronunciation
oral oral oh-rahl
orally por boca pour bow-kah
rectally rectalmente rake-tall-main-tay
topical tópica toe-pee-call
vaginal vaginal bah-he-nall
vaginally vaginalmente bah-he-nall-main-tay
capsule una cápsula oo-nah cop-sue-la
cream una pomada / una crema oo-nah poe-ma-dah / oo-nah cray-ma
drops unas gotas oo-nahs go-tahs
elixir un elixir oon ay-leak-sair
injection una inyección oo-nah een-yake-see-own
inhaler un inhalador oon een-ah-la-door
liquid una líquida oo-nah lee-key-dah
lotion una loción oo-nah lo-see-own
lozenge una pastilla oo-nah pa-stee-yah
nose drops unas gotas para la nariz oo-nahs go-tahs pa-rah la nah-reece
pill una píldora oo-nah peel-doe-rah
powder un polvo oon pole-bow
spray un atomizador oon ah-toe-me-sah-door
suppository un supositorio oon sue-poe-see-toe-ree-oh
suspension una suspensión oo-nah sue-spain-see-own
syrup un jarabe oon ha-rah-bay
tablet una tableta oo-nah tah-blay-tah

In this lesson, you learned how to ask patients about drug allergies and current medications. You also learned various drug routes and preparations in Spanish. This vocabulary provides an important foundation, as the later lessons in this course will teach you how to discuss the use of specific medications and other pain management options with patients.

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Source: This content has been adapted from "Nursing Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.