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Drug law violation process

Drug law violation process

Author: robert tatham

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You are an officer with the drug task force. You  and three other officers have been assigned to serve a search warrant regarding a stolen 50-inch plasma television set. You  serves the search warrant and walks into the residence with the three officers. Sitting on the coffee table is a variety of narcotics, both prescription and illegal. What are your options at this time?
During the search, one officer opened a kitchen cabinet and found a kilogram of cocaine. Can you take this as evidence and arrest the residents? Why or why not? What would be the next step in this process?
What does Louisiana law say about  the requirements of arrest warrants. Be sure to reference and use citations in your material.
Assignment Guidelines
Address the following in 3–5 pages:Can you take the cocaine as evidence? Why or why not? Explain.
Assuming that the residents of the dwelling are present, what are your options upon finding the prescribed and illegal narcotics on the table? Explain.What actions will he be required to take by law? Explain.You will need to fabricate the details or at least address multiple possibilities for this case.

How does discretion come into play in this case?How can nonresidents present in the dwelling be handled? Explain.With what can they be charged if arrested? Explain.

If the residents are arrested, what are the next steps in the process? Explain.
Can drug courts come into play regarding this case? Why or why not?
Typically, when will drug law offenders be fined, and when will they be incarcerated? Explain.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
New times roman 12 pt.

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