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Dry Erase Broad

Dry Erase Broad

Author: Danielle Burbage

To look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Dry Erase Board.

Dry erase boards were invented to replace chalk boards. Dry erase borads won over the hearts of schools and universities because the dust from chalk was starting to cause students to have allergic and asthmatic reactions. Dry erase boards have special markers that one uses on the boards and these markers are filled with an ink that turns to a powder sudstane that can then be erased off the board. The markers do not come with the board you have to purchase them seperately. There are three different types of dry erase boards and they are inexpensive boards, more expensive boards and most expensive boards. The difference between the three boards are the material that the boards are made out of. There is one major disadvantage to these dry erase boards and that is the fact that the markers leave a "ghostly" residue behind. After one wirtes on the board and then goes to erase it to write something else the words or marks from the pervious words are still left behind. There are some advantages to the dry erase board and they are: they get a lot of exposure from advertisements(there are commericals that have then in there), more than one person can write on it at a time and not interfere with the other person, and they have small boards that college students can take with them to college. Small children can learn to use these boards to write on and teachers can use these small personal boards in their classrooms.

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