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Ds 4

Ds 4

Author: david utsey

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Grouping Information: This Discussion is conducted in groups. Please see the Announcements area for grouping information from your instructor. Click on the Week 4 Discussion link below, then click on the link to your assigned group's thread. Be sure to check for an updated Announcement at the beginning of each week as your instructor may elect to periodically update grouping assignments.
Over the next 3 weeks, you will be working in teams to collaboratively create solutions to specific teaching challenges with different contexts and different learning goals. This first scenario asks you to focus on strategies for developing foundational knowledge and analytical and critical thinking—acquiring facts, principles, and ideas, and then using them.
Scenario: You are part of a faculty team that has been asked to revise a workshop on Library Research for first-year college students. As part of your revision, you plan to create engaging learning experiences that will help students develop the following categories of learning goals addressed in this week’s readings:
Knowledge and Skills
Analysis and Critical Thinking
You will employ the format from Barkley’s text, using the following as the “Description and Purpose”:
Incoming freshmen will take one 3-hour workshop during their first week's orientation at college to familiarize themselves with library resources and learn how to find what they need to write a project paper. Choose a topic for them to research and devise engaging learning experiences as a team for them to discover how to find information on that topic.
By Day 3

Use ideas from your Learning Resources to add “Step-by-Step Directions” for an engaging learning experience for this class of 20 new college students. Post your activity for your team to review. Provide justification for your choice of strategies.

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