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Dürer and Printmaking

Dürer and Printmaking

Author: Erin Aldana
This lesson will describe the process of printmaking and consider the work of Albrecht Dürer, one of the most skilled printmakers of all time.
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Notes on "Dürer and Printmaking"

Key Terms

Relief Printing

A technique used in printmaking where a print is made from the raised images of a surface, includes embossing and letterpress

Intaglio Printing

A technique used in printmaking where an image is cut into the surface of a copper or zinc plate with a special tool called a burin


A printmaking process where an image is carved onto the surface of a piece of wood removing parts of the wood. The carved raised part of the wood is covered with ink and pressed onto a surface, transferring the image onto surfaces such as a piece of paper or fabric


An important process in Renaissance printmaking that flourished with the invention of accessible paper and the printing press where a design is cut onto a flat surface with a tool called a burin


Gradations of tone (shades of grey) in between black and white


The use of parallel straight lines, particularly in printmaking and drawing, to indicate shadow and depth

Cross Hatching

The use of lines that cross over, particularly in printmaking and drawing, to indicate shadow and depth

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