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4 Tutorials that teach Early Churches
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Early Churches

Early Churches

Author: Erin Aldana
Understand design formats used by early churches.
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Terms to Know

The walkway between the sections of seats located, for example in a theater.


An area for walking, usually semicircular, around the apse of a church.


An architectural term; a recess or semicircular space in a building, vaulted and used often by the choir in a church.


A columned meeting hall in ancient Rome, later a church with columns.


The main church that contains the bishop’s throne.


A part of a building that rises above the roofs – basically windows above eye level primarily for allowing light and ventilation.


A tomb or building containing tombs.


A system of patterns on a floor, wall, ceiling constructed of small color pieces of inlaid stone, glass, or clay or other types of materials.


A long central aisle that extends the whole length of the church.