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4 Tutorials that teach Early Renaissance Architecture
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Early Renaissance Architecture

Early Renaissance Architecture

Author: Aleisha Olson
Understand the classical design elements that define the appearances of Santo Spirito and Palazzo Medici.
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Image of Brunelleschi, Dome, Florence Cathedral, Public Domain,; Image of Brunelleschi, Dome, Florence Cathedral, Creative Commons,,_Florence.jpg; Image of Brunelleschi, Interior of Santo Spirito, Creative Commons,,_inside_1.JPG; Image of Palazzo Medici, Creative Commons,

Terms to Know

A columned meeting hall in ancient Rome, later a church with columns.

Modular Design

In architecture an approach that divides a system into smaller parts that can be created and used in different systems with much functionality.

Ogival Dome

A primary quality of Gothic architecture; also seen in Islamic architecture characterized by the pointed arch.