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Earthquakes & Earth's Interior; Part 2 - Earthquakes

Earthquakes & Earth's Interior; Part 2 - Earthquakes

Author: Nate Holz

This lesson looks at the causes of earthquakes

Looks at faults, epicenter, and focus as well as fore shocks and aftershocks

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Part 2: Earthquakes

From faults to focus, epicenter, and aftershocks...a look at earthquakes

Loma Prieta EQ - Part 1

This video documents scenes of the October 17, 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and its aftermath. The largest to hit the San Francisco area since 1906 and registering a 7.1 magnitude, the Loma Prieta Earthquake's effects are shown during the Candlestick Park World Series game, in stores, and on the street. Much of the footage is devoted to the California Highway Patrol's response to, and findings of, the seismic shaking on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the Cypress Street Viaduct, two of the most severely hit structures in the area. Scenes show difficult rescue attempts and earthquake victim evacuations.

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Loma Prieta EQ - Part 2

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LA's Killer Quake

LA's Killer Quake : Los Angeles struck by earthquake - Mega Disasters Documentary
It has been a century since the infamous 1906 San Francisco earthquake and Californians live with the knowledge that it's only a matter of time before they're hit again. Los Angeles is the second most populous city in America. If an earthquake hit directly beneath downtown LA, scientists believe that tens of thousands would be killed. Just how would the city respond to a 7.5 magnitude quake?

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Napa Valley EQ

"Our Earthquake"

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Faults in California

A short tour of the San Andreas Fault and the faults in Sonoma County

Source: Bob Grove

San Andreas Fault

"Our Fault"

Source: Discovery Channel

Deadliest Earthquakes - Part 1

In 2010, several epic earthquakes delivered one of the worst annual death tolls ever recorded. The deadliest strike, in Haiti, killed more than 200,000 people and reduced homes, hospitals, schools, and the presidential palace to rubble. In exclusive coverage, a NOVA camera crew follows a team of U.S. geologists as they enter Haiti in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. The team hunts for crucial evidence that will help them determine exactly what happened deep underground and what the risks are of a new killer quake. Barely a month after the Haiti quake, Chile was struck by a quake 100 times more powerful, unleashing a tsunami that put the entire Pacific coast on high alert. In a coastal town devastated by the rushing wave, NOVA follows a team of geologists as they battle aftershocks to measure the displacement caused by the earthquake. Could their work, and the work of geologists at earthquake hot spots around the U.S., one day lead to a breakthrough in predicting quakes before they happen? NOVA investigates compelling new leads in this profound scientific conundrum.

Source: CosmicPreachers

Deadliest Earthquakes - Part 2

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SciShow - Earthquake Science

What happened March 27, 1964? Alaska knows very well, . . . Join us to learn more about earthquakes with host Hank Green on this infusion of SciShow.

Source: SciShow

Vsauce3: Can We Stop an Earthquake?

Tsunami Propagation

Calculating the speed of a tsunami

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