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Earth's Landscapes

Earth's Landscapes

Author: Melanie Souza

NGSS Standards 4th Grade

4- ESS1-1: Identify evidence from patterns in rock formations and fossils in rock layers to support an explanation for changes in a landscape over time. 

Disciplinary Core Ideas: ESS1.C 

The History of Planet Earth: Local, regional, and global patterns of rock formations reveal changes over time due to earth forces, such as earthquakes. The presence and location of certain fossil types indicate the order in which rock layers were formed. 

LS4.A: Fossils provide evidence about the types of organisms that lived long ago and also about the nature of the environments. 

Crosscutting Concepts:

Students observe rock layer patterns and learn about how the relative ages of those layers help us explain the history of landscape. 

IEP goal for student with ADHD: To be able to watch videos in a time frame suitable for him/her. During the rock layer song, student can be interactive and dance. 

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Fossil Discovery!

Watch this video clip of divers digging up ancient fossils. What do you notice? What do you wonder? Write down your thoughts. 

Rock Layers Jam session!

The Sacramento American River

This is the American River and what it looks like today. It hasn't always looked like this however. By examining this picture I want you to make observations based on what you see. What is the topography like? (Is it flat or hilly? What about the water features? Is this river connected to other lakes, oceans or streams? What about the plants and animals that live in this area? Jot down in your notebook your noticings and wonderings.

Image result for American river sacramento

History of the American River

Read this article on the history of the American River. Take notes. 


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