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East Asia

East Asia

Author: Kim McCorkle
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This Sophia contains the material for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday. After watching all the videos, please make a new blog post in our class blog:

Select your name and your password is bms

Click "new post".

Title your post "East Asia"

Write three paragraphs (at least 3 sentences each) about what you have learned about East Asia.

When you complete the post, please email me to let me know.

Your test will be on Wednesday of next week.

I will send you review instructions on Monday for Tuesday.

BrainPop - Korean War

Please go to BrainPop and watch the Korean War video.

Take the classic quiz and select "email the results" - email your results to me.

I will send you an email with your password for BrainPop, the username is brenhamms

Hong Kong

I do not expect you to understand this entire video. I just want you to get the following: Hong Kong was a British Colony that transferred to China in 1997. China has difficulty deciding how to handle Hong Kong, which is used to having a free economy and enjoying personal freedoms.

North Korea

While watching this video, imagine what it would be like to live in a country like North Korea.


By the end of the video, be able to describe what a geisha is and how girls train to be geisha. What other things did you notice about, attitudes toward superiors, buildings and traditions...

Photos from my trip to Japan 1985


After watching this video, what is your impression of Taiwan?