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EasyCBM Start Guide

EasyCBM Start Guide

Author: dawn august
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What is EasyCBM?

The easyCBM Math assessment is an online benchmark screening tool developed by our colleagues here at the University of Oregon. The test items are multiple choice and are based on the Focal Points from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and CCSS.

The easyCBM Math assessment is available through the DIBELS Data System (DDS) and is included in the $1 per student per year fee. The Data System includes benchmark testing 3x per year for kindergarten through sixth grade. Progress monitoring is not available through DDS. The benchmark assessment is administered online so there are no materials to purchase. In order to ensure security of test items, paper copies of the assessment are not available. 


Where can I find test examples?

Example tests can give you an idea of the type of questions and level of difficulty your students will face. The link below will bring you to the site.


Adding Math Classes and Assigning Students

This screen recording describes the basic steps needed to set up your DIBELS Data System account for easyCBM assessments and about online administration.

Source: Quick Start Guide easyCBM Math

Example testing script

You are going to be taking a math test on the computer.  Some of the questions you will probably figure out fairly quickly.  Others, may be harder for you.  Please try your best on each of the questions.  You can use scrap paper to work out the answers if you would like.  If there is a word on the test you don't know how to read, you can ask me to read it for you, but I won't be able to tell you what anything means on the test or to explain to you how to figure out any of the math problems. Just try your hardest on each of the problems.

Source: Training: What is DDS-easyCBM Math? UO DIBELS Data System