ECET 310 Week 8 Final Exam

ECET 310 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


Group 1
Type: MC
1.(TCO 1) The equivalent of 500 mW in dB is:
2.(TCO 1) The equivalent of 5 dBm in watts is:
3. (TCO 1) The conversion of 0 dBm is equivalent to:
Group 2
Type: MC (5 points)
1.(TCO 2) The signal at the input of an amplifier has an SNR of 25 dB. If the amplifier has an SNR of 24.4 dB at the output, the noise figure of the amplifier is given by:
2. (TCO 2) If the noise figure(NF) for an amplifier is zero dB, it means:
3.(TCO 2) As compared to 85o F, noise voltage at 32o F will be:
Group 3
Type: MC (5 points)
1.(TCO 1) The non-linear operation allows to:
Type: MC ( 5 Points)
1.(TCO 1) If we transmit a signal without modulation, the two problems we would encounter are:
Type: MC( 5 points)
(TCO 1) The minimum size for an antenna is given by λ/2. If the frequency of transmission is 3.3 KHz, the minimum required size of the antenna is:
Group 4
Type: MC (5 points)
1.(TCO 3) Amplitude modulation is a process in which:
Group 6
Type: MC(5 points)
1.(TCO 4) Frequency modulation is a process in which:
Group 7
Type: MC(5 points)
1.(TCO 4) The maximum intelligence frequency used in the commercial broadcast FM is:
Group 8
Type: MC(5 points)
1.(TCO 5) In order to correctly represent an analog signal, the sampling rate must be:
Group 24
Type: E (20 points)
(TCO 6) For a 128-PSK modulator with an input data rate(fb) equal to 36 Mbps and a carrier frequency of 100 MHz, determine the minimum double-sided Nyquist bandwidth(fN) and the baud. Sketch the output spectrum.
1.(TCO 6) A radio channel has a bandwidth of 10 KHz and a SNR of 15 dB. What is the
maximum data rate that can be transmitted :
Group 26
Type: SA (10 points)
1.(TCO 2) If signal power is 15 dB and noise power is 5 dB, what is the signal-to-noise power ratio in dBs?

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