ECET 370 Week 4 ilab The Efficiency of Algorithms and Sorting

ECET 370 Week 4 ilab The Efficiency of Algorithms and Sorting

Author: Harvey Maxwell

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Scenario and Summary

The purpose of the lab exercises is to help the student acquire skills in developing programs that involve algorithm analysis, recursion, and sorting.

There are four exercises in this lab, although not all of them will be required for submission. Be sure to read the following instructions carefully.
Exercise 1: No submission is required.
Note that some of the exercises require sections of code to be timed. To learn how to time a section of your source code, please refer to the beginning of the Projects section in Chapter 4 of our textbook.
Exercises 2 and 4 require not only software development but also explanations about the results of the experiments that are conducted. Create separate Word documents to provide the details required in these exercises.
Create a folder and name it Week 4 Lab. Inside this folder, create the subfolders Ex2, Ex3, and Ex4. Place the solution to each of the three exercises required for submission in the corresponding subfolder. Compress the folder Week 4 Lab using a program like WinZip, and place the resulting zipped folder into the Dropbox.
Note that Exercises 2, 3, and 4 require software development. Place in the corresponding folders only .java files. Do not submit the .class files or other files or folders that are generated by the IDE.
Required Software


Access the software at https://lab.devry.edu .

Exercise 1: Review of the Lecture Contents

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Create three projects, minimum, factorial, and sorting algorithms, using the classes in
Sorting Algorithms
Compile them, run them, and review the code that is given carefully. These programs test the code discussed in the lecture.
Exercise 2: Efficiency of Algorithms

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