Author: Christine Farr


ECO 578 EXAM IIPage 1 of 16Name: _______________ID:_______________Online Exam IIThere are 4 parts:Part A: Select the correct answer for the following questions (1-10)Part B: True/ False (11-20)Part C: Answer the following questions (21-29)Part D: Fill in the blank (30-40)Part E: Work Problem (41-53) **All work must be shown step by step**Two different ways to submit your answer sheet1. Scan your answer sheet and place it in ONE FILE at drop-box. (preferable)2. Use MS-Word and place it in a drop-box.**Excel is not acceptable for this test**Deadline: Monday, October 26, 2014 by noon (CST)**All work in part D must be shown step by step in order to receive creditPart A: Multiple Choice (1–10)____1. The cumulative probability distribution of a random variable X gives the probability that X is_______ to x 0 , some spacified value of X.a. Greater than or equalc. Less than or equalb. Equald. None of the above_____2. The_______is the smallest level of significance at which H o can be rejected.a. Value of αc. p valueb. Probability of commiting of Type I errord. vale of 1 – α_____3. What is the probability of P(-1.4 < Z < 0.6)?a. 0.9254b. 0.6449c. 0.3427

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