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Economic growth

Economic growth

Author: Dan Laub
This lesson covers the Economic growth
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Notes for "Economic Growth"

Key Terms


  • Fiscal Policy
  • Typically policy set by a central government authority, whereby spending by the government is adjusted to stabilize economic activity.
  •  Deficits
  • Shortages that result from spending in excess of revenue.
  •  Economic Growth
  • Measure of the change in real GDP over periods of time; percent change in value of the sum of goods and services produced in a country’s natural borders over a specified time interval.
  •  Interest
  • The cost of money; Nominal interest is the prevailing rate; real interest reflects the prevailing rate adjusted for inflation (real = nominal rate minus the inflation rate); Return on investment where return varies based on the risk profile of the investment, time horizon, opportunity cost of a comparable risk-free investment and inflation expectations.
  •  Foreign Exchange
  • The amount of a foreign currency obtained by exchanging a specified amount of domestic currency.