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Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators

Author: Soma Jurgensen

This tutorial reviews just the basics of macroeconomic indicators like GDP, CPI, and unemployment rates.

Review basic macroeconomic concepts to begin your study of economics.

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Economic Indicators - an overview

Quick overview of what goes into key economic indicators.

Source: YouTube ACDC Economics

The GDP Formula

The presenter breaks down the essentials of the GDP formula.

Source: YouTube ACDC Economics

CPI and Inflation - What does it all mean?

Review this video for a foundational understanding of CPI and inflation.

Source: YouTube Khan Academy

Unemployment Rate Calculation

How is the unemployment rate calculated? Follow along.

Source: YouTube Khan Academy

Where Do I Find Information on Economic Indicators?

These resources will keep you in the loop on key indicators of economic health.


GDP and Economic Analysis

Consumer Price Index