ECT 125 Week 8 Final exam

ECT 125 Week 8 Final exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO 5) If Va = 2V, what is Vout?
2. (TCO 3) If Vin = 2V, and Rload = 1k ohm, what is the current through Rload?
3. (TCO 4) If an audio amplifier integrated circuit uses a dual power supply of +/- 30V for the power supply, will there be a capacitor on the output of the audio amp? Why or why not?
4. (TCO 7) Positive feedback causes ______.
5. (TCO 6) The filter below left is a ________ pass filter, and it is made with one RC circuit the maximum rolloff will be ________ db/decade.
1. (TCO 2) For the circuit below, if Vcc is 50 volts and Rb is 4.3k ohms, find the base and collector voltages and currents for an input of 0V and 5V. Beta = 300, the motor resistance is 500 ohms.
2. (TCO 1) Find the following for an input of 120 VAC(RMS), 60 hertz, given a 6:1 stepdown transformer, and a full-wave bridge rectifier. Rload is 70 ohms. Round off to the nearest tenths place.
4a: Primary or input peak voltage = 
4b: Secondary peak voltage = 
4c: Peak voltage out of the rectifier =
3. (TCO 5) If the resistance of the thermistor is 900 ohms, what is Vout? Is the motor on or off?
4. (TCO 6) For the circuit below, this is a _______ pass filter. The resonant
Frequency is _________.
5. (TCO 6) For the filter below, if C = .005ufd, this is a _________ pass filter with a roll-off of ______ db/decade and a cutoff frequency of ____________.

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